Water Main Extensions

The Board of Water Works Trustees approves all water main extensions. You can request a water main extension by sending a letter requesting the extension to:

Board of Water Works Trustees
P.O. Box 309
Council Bluffs, IA 51502

The Board will receive and act upon a request during their next regular meeting. Approved requests are recorded in the minutes by means of a resolution.

Water mains must be constructed of poly-wrapped ductile iron pipe. The minimum diameter is 8 inches. Plastic pipe is not permitted in our distribution system. Your water demand may require a larger diameter pipe.

The person or entity requesting the main extension pays all the costs of the main extension, including engineering and legal fees. All of this, including an Opinion of Probable Cost, is set out in a Main Extension Agreement, which is the legal agreement you will sign with the Board before any engineering design, or construction work is done. Other details of the extension are set forth in the Main Extension Agreement.

If you have any questions, please contact Water Works staff at 712-328-1006.