Rules & Regulations Section 4.7 Construction Water

Applicable to non-metered use of water during construction. The contractor will be charged a daily rate for water, rate set by the Water Works Board of Trustees, use in addition to the permit fee for each individual construction project. The per-day charge for non-metered water shall continue until meter installation by the Council Bluffs Water Works.

Application of Policy

All new construction water taps include 90-days construction water in the tapping fee. Said fee shall be paid at the time of application for a tap permit

Once the water tap has been made and the service has been verified to be in operating condition the service shall be shut off at the curb box. The 90-day construction water period shall commence when service has been requested to be turned on by the contractor or if the curb box has been determined to be turned on through regular field inspections by CBWW personnel.

Once the 90-day period commences the contractor shall be allowed to use water for general construction purposes, including concrete work, drywall installation, painting, and general clean-up. Construction water shall not be used for irrigation, landscaping or in any manner deemed to be wasteful.

Violation of the Construction Water Policy will result in immediate termination of service. Construction water service may be continued beyond 90-days at the request of the contractor and payment of the applicable daily rate.