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Billing Facts

Monday, August 2, 2021 9:05 PM

Billing Terms

Customer Service

Downloadable explanation of CBWW's water bill (PDF 763kb)

The net total is due within twenty (20) days of the bill date located on the right hand side of the bill.

The bill is delinquent and gross total is due after the date shown in the section "Bill is Delinquent" and before the shut off notice is mailed.

Thirty-five (35) days after the bill date a shut off notice is mailed. The gross amount plus a five ($5.00) dollar fee is due before the shut off date shown on the notice.

Prior to having water service shut off and a twenty ($20.00) dollar shut off fee plus a twenty ($20.00) turn on fee charged to the account, the customer can elect to pay the Water Works service man or the Water Works on the day of shut off. A twenty ($20.00) dollar collection fee will be charged to the account and payable on the next bill.

Customer Service

If we have to shut off water service it will not be restored until gross total of the water bill, the shut off notice fee of five ($5.00) dollars, the shut off fee of twenty ($20.00) dollars, the turn on fee of twenty ($20.00) dollars, any other fees charged to the account are paid.

The majority of our customers pay their bill promptly. The service charges and fees shown above reflect the cost of special handling required for those bills not promptly paid. If you should ever need to arrange for special payment for your bill please call our Credit Manager at 712-328-1006.

The Council Bluffs Water Works provides water to the City of Crescent. Customers requiring service in this city should call 712-545-3730.

The Council Bluffs Water Works provides water to Regional Water. Customers requiring service in this area should call 712-343-2413.


Customer Service
  • Enclose postage, if receipt is desired by mail.
  • Protect you meter from frost and hot water damage; a charge will be made against your service for the actual cost of such repairs. If your meter should freeze, notify office at once. Do not attempt to thaw out your meter. You may completely ruin it and cause yourself the additional expense of a new meter.
  • Protect your property from damage by water. Keep the shut-offs at the head of the meter and that the curb accessible and in condition to be used in case of breakage water pipes.
  • Attend to your plumbing, as leaks will increase your water bill. We do no plumbing. In case of leaks on your service line or plumbing fixture, call a plumber at once. In case of leaks in the meter, call the Water Works at once.
  • Service charges will be added to accounts in accordance to rules and policies set forth by the Water Works Board of Trustees.